Choosing the apt colors for your bedroom

bedroom colorAre you planning an all-refurbished bedroom this time? Your bedroom is the place to relax and unwind after a hectic day and hence you have to ensure an inviting ambience here. No make-over plans would start without a fresh coat of paint and you have to be very picky when it comes to choosing the right bedroom colors. The post here is a discussion on the right shades for your bedroom.

French Fuchsia

French fuchsia is the lighter tone of the original fuchsia which is a vivid purple- you can say it comes with an underlying layer of white that has lightened its texture by some extent. The French fuchsia is a wonderful alternative to the usual pink you find in conventional bedrooms. You can have an all fuchsia bedroom if the room follows a considerable size. For comparatively smaller rooms, you can make a soothing contrast with French fuchsia and white.


Blue is the unanimous choice for bedrooms. Gone are the days when the color was strictly meant for boy’s rooms- these days you have many teen queens doing up their room in all-blue. Blue is loved for its inherent tranquil essence which begets the much needed calming feel inside the bedroom. You can opt for light blue or even the darker midnight blue (contrasting with white) for your beloved bedchamber.


Green is another popular option regarding bedrooms. Mint green is the most favorable shade here. The very green tone carries a serene as well as refreshing effect that has made it a top favorite for bedrooms among many homeowners.


Though yellow is not specifically meant for bedrooms yet its butterscotch tone is much adored by many interior decorators while they are refurbishing the bedroom for their clients. Butterscotch is soothing to the eye and carries a subtle energy.

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